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Picture this…. working in the sun for up to 6 months, whilst expanding your portfolio

Picture this…. working in the sun for up to 6 months, whilst expanding your portfolio

We believe that photography as a medium allows us to preserve a moment, and that in a fraction of a second, we can freeze time and show truly how rich reality is. Through it we can cohesively work with our surroundings to frame a memory that can be cherished forever.

Work with CE Photo

Working with us as a resort photographer would give you the opportunity to capture families naturally on the beach; during sunset portrait sessions, photograph a wide range of water sports where you can be creative and experiment with different concepts, and deliver workshops to guests at all levels in a stimulating learning environment. You will be meeting new people on a daily basis, as well as working closely with your photography team, and other UK and local staff based at each resort.

Summer Photography Jobs

CE Photo works closely with it’s partners in 8 different Beach Clubs across Greece, Croatia & Italy. We provide a sophisticated resort photography service to holiday makers offering natural and unobtrusive action photos, bespoke beach portraits and photography workshops. This freelance position is with the CE Photo team to deliver a high-end photography service for daily sports action and family beach portraiture.

CE Photo in action

Vlad’s Blog

If you would like to read a detailed account of what it is like to work with us then please read Vlad’s Blog.

Vlad worked with us in 2015 and had a wonderful experience in Greece as a photographer.

Not a photographer but still want to work abroad?

Check out the roles available through our partners at Neilson Active Holidays

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